Innovation Management interwoven into your enterprise.

Develop new products and services, improve processes, unleash operational efficiencies and exploit new business models with greater ease.

Works the way you want

Software that doesn’t change the way you work - agnostic around Phase Gate, Agile, and Lean methodologies.

Realize value fast with rapid time to benefit

Specify and implement your innovation processes, from simple to complex, within one week.

Innovation all in one place

Centralize innovation with everything in one location on a site dedicated to each project.

Plan, measure and manage better

Total visibility of your innovation process - get more control of your team and workflow.

Innovation anytime, anyplace

In the cloud, responsive and touch enabled to work on any Internet connected device.

It’s easy to get started!

All the support you need to deploy, get going and push innovation forward in your enterprise.

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Innovation Management with SharePoint and Office 365

Microsoft Teams - the new way to work

The way of work has changed during the pandemic.  Microsoft Teams has been widely adopted and has become the primary interface for communication and collaboration activities.

Innova365 leverages a seamless Microsoft 365/Teams/SharePoint/Power BI environment adding value to the familiar functionality of collaboration, document management, business intelligence, and process/project management.

Innova365 won’t create adoption issues for your people. It dovetails in and works in harmony alongside your gated processes and the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity applications.

Innovation Management with SharePoint and Office 365

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Innova365 fixes these problems

Worried about your enterprise falling behind?

Maintain forward momentum, whether your aim is disruptive or traditional innovation.

Problems with Engagement, Enablement or Evaluation?

Jump-start the process by embedding the cornerstones of innovation in your enterprise.

Lack of a systematic approach to innovation?

Provides Enablement and establishes a solid framework for managing innovation as a process.

Dependent on the same few people for innovation?

Widen Engagement and broaden innovation participation across all stakeholder groups.

Need better investment decision support?

Get greater control with a more thorough Evaluation system to support investment decisions.

Want a qualitative approach to the innovation process?

Practice process improvement - re-configure, develop and improve your process over time.

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Key Features


Agile implementation

  • Configure with SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Defines team, task, document templates and collaboration topics
  • Process configuration management by business owner without IT involvement

Process agnostic

  • Phase/stage gate
  • Agile phase/stage gate
  • Lean/agile


  • All work for a single innovation project is performed on a single SharePoint site
  • Supports trials/iterations/subprocesses
  • Scoring and decision rule definition
  • Consistent workspace structure serves as the foundation for driving the process and management visibility
  • Drives enablement and adoption by providing access to the workspace from anywhere


Visibility with Management Add-Ins

  • Responsive and form-factor aware
  • Specify conditions, columns, ordering, and presentation


  • Action and timer email alerts
  • Alert emails can contain any project content
  • Email the team or target specific roles or people


  • Track relevant portfolio data
  • Provide analysis via charting

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